Login User Name appears. Troubleshooting Clearing Paper Jams If a paper jam occurs, a message will be displayed about the jam and copying or printing will stop. To use E-mail, this protocol must be enabled. Use the procedure below to specify the DHCP setting. User can be notified of the completion of a copy job while working at a remote desk, saving the time spent waiting beside the machine for copying to finish. Sending Functions Adjusting Density Use the procedure below to adjust the density when scanning the originals. Basis Weight In countries that use the metric system, basis weight is the weight in grams of one sheet of paper one square meter in area.

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Use the procedure below to specify the Job Finish Notice settings.

Toner for Utax CD 1162

Send Job Log appears. The account is deleted. Install the printing system driver on the computer connected to the machine.

To utax cd 5240l E-mail, this utwx must be enabled. Use the procedure below to select the date format. Chapter 1 – Part Names Identifies machine parts and operation panel keys. Proceed with the uninstallation steps for this application as directed by the on-screen instructions.

Canceling Jobs You can also cancel jobs by pressing the Stop key. Select the destination computer from the computer list. The following 4-in-1 options and output orientations are available. Here, information on the FAX utax cd 5240l has utax cd 5240l omitted. Acceptable envelope sizes are as follows.

If members have already been registered in the l Morgan group, the uax will display Registered numbers [ Menu exceeded. Cassette 1 Type appears.

Toner cartridge for Utax CD

Sending Functions File Format Select the file format of utax cd 5240l image to send. Optional Equipment Overview of Optional Equipment The following optional equipment is available for utax cd 5240l machine. Selecting the Cassette Use the procedure below to select the paper supply cassette.

With this function, originals can be scanned one after another until you press [End Scan] the Right Select key.

Job completed normally v: A confirmation screen utax cd 5240l. Is the network cable Connect the correct network cable connected? Remove original from Are there any originals left in Remove originals from the document — 52240l processor. Page Sending Functions Job Finish Utax cd 5240l This feature sends an e-mail providing notification that transmission has been completed.

To vd the functions below, select the orientation in which the original is set on the platen. Options are copies.

Transparencies must meet the following conditions. Start the drum refresh.

Page Management Select [Off] to disable user login administration. An entry screen Address Entry: Item Description Collate Collate not performed.

Tech Spec – UTAX CD L

The options are xdpi, xdpi U. When turning off the main power switch, do not turn on the main power switch again immediately. Page Copying Functions Utax cd 5240l the procedure below to select the orientation when placing the originals on the platen. Cleaning The Machine Maintenance Cleaning the Machine To avoid print quality problems, utax cd 5240l interior of the machine must be cleaned with every toner container and waste toner box replacement.