Now, I must say my experience with deep sky imaging is somewhat limited since my mount isn’t motorized. My ToUcam GreenCam is air cooled and it seems quite sufficient for now. This can sometimes be tricky, as all webcams are not flat or perfectly round on their fronts as the ToUCam Pro isn’t. Sign in with Twitter. You could allways try them digital camera you can get some them cheap they have ccd imaging sensors in some of them. It is easy to see why:

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From there you will also find links to mods for many different webcams.

Alternatives to Philips TouCam Pro II and SPC – Discussions – Cameras – Stargazers Lounge

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The more frames you stack, the better the final image will be. If you have plenty of aperture touca a modded Lifecam Cinema or Studio might do the job better. Sign In Need an account? In addition, although I don’t have an observatory I’m working towards putting my mount semi- permanently on a pier and controlling the scope remotely from an adjacent shed, so I thought the webcam also might be useful for setting up via the laptop rather than looking down an eyepiece.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try!

Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams)

Of course, you should first start with small stacks and build up from there. Subscribe to our newsletter. Yes, this is definitely true! This results in a blurry image: Hello seigfried, just joking. And please, if you post your images on the group, make sure they are OK, lets continue with the review. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed. Please contact the local contact centre if you have additional questions. And when the seeing is excellent you can expect the results as the Saturn photo you’ve seen earlier toucan this review.

Considering the price, it’s performance is surprisingly good! Register a new account. Dark frames were also used. Here are some other images, all courtesy by Vid Nikolic Thanks Vid.

After you’ve done everything right, the rewards can be amazing I further modded my Xbox cams to tuocam a fan on the back. This results in a blurry image:.

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In planetary imaging the webcams have the advantage on ordinary digital cameras, even astronomical CCD’s whose images may take a while to download. If it’s ok for planetary work, then I’m sure it would be ok for my intended use, and I can always give the training part of the package to the wife!

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After stacking, the resulting image should be processed so finer details can be made visible. I have the xbox webcam and it’s quite an easy mod to do.

Anyway, I’ll get on with replying to each reply individually. It is easy to see why: Drivers Windows 98 – Download Readme File.

Web cameras are sensitive to near IR, but refractors are designed for visual obseriving and nearIR part of the spectrum is not focused correctly. The most popular toucamm Stephen Mogg’s adapters, availible for a wide range of web cameras.

Are there any spare parts available for this product? Posted July 19, edited.

Oh, yes, I would like to personally thank mr.