I know this is not very much but it should help your processor to handle higher frequency. If you compare the rate companies push out new products now to that of a year ago, you will be amazed at how much faster it is now. But i recommend to use a second resistor in a line with about K to prevent higher voltages by a mistake. Sure this is not practical since most processors cannot handle the heat, but everyone knows that changing the multiplier for AMD processors is a much better way to overclock the CPUs than by just increasing the FSB. In any event, I know you all’d like to see a few benchmarks at the overclocked speeds.

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Hopefully in a later BIOS revision they’ll come to their senses and address this issue. Site design and front-end production by mike kane. Because while my tests i made a little failure to set the variable resistor to a wrong position without this second protection resistor in line and my poor Duron got 2,97 VOLT VCore!!! With that out of the way, and now that I’m done bangin’ on the [H]ard drum, let’s talk about the Pro2’s abilities to push our cpu’s to the edge.

Pay attention to the CPU temperature after increasing the Vcore!!! The last thing you want to do is break off a k7 while trying to install the cooler.

MSI K7T Pro Supplementary Manual

Share on Twitter Tweet. Caps are close to CPU socket.

Apparently mxi is a new bios available, which gives even more voltage settings, as well as the ability to manually set the Bank Interleave function. After installing the motherboard, you can turn the motherboard box into that cool calendar you see at the top. I found this to be quite bizzarre. There are only two actual jumpers. As you can see, the Msk benchmark is right up there with the best of the best.

But after mssi some of my fellow webmasters reviews of this particular motherboard, it turns out that MHz is fairly close to what they achieved as a maximum stable FSB speed as well.

In any event, I know you all’d like to see a few benchmarks at the overclocked speeds.

Also the motherboard box turns into a calendar! Although Mzi engineers used some pretty big capacitors for signal filtering that doesn’t affect the space around the socket so installing a big Alpha cooler is really not a problem.

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT133 Socket-A ATX

This just goes to show the awesome level of commitment MSI has, when it mai to the support of their products. This time it is not a whole new design, but a revision of the K7T Pro. But they ain’t nearly sufficiently [H]ard, so their results must be taken with the appropriate grain of salt.

The only thing I can think of is moving those big caps further away from the CPU socket but that is minor. I suppose it’s not a biggie. This motherboard speaks value.

Mind you the caps are far enough away from the CPU socket that it won’t interfere with the installation of really big heatsinks like those from Alpha or Global Win.

Slowly but surely, the higher FSB speeds became less stable. Share on Facebook Share. After about a week, the highest I could push it to was MHz, and still retain some semblence of stability. Now, I’m not putting much into this issue, as I’ve never seen rpo else with the same problem, and I’m relatively sure it’s an issue unique to my specific test board.


Therefore i recommend a good grounding and a soldering station with seperate grounding! The stability is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

With that said, I wouldn’t buy it, nor would I recommend that any of you, the overclocking minions of the [H]ard OCP buy it. That’s about what you’d expect from a KT chipset powered motherboard.

But it’s not value at the expense of performance or features. And Pgo is definitely to be congratulated and thanked for implementing them all. So i decide to use this pin for my experiments and i find out that MSI reduce the Vcore about 0,12 Volt with this resistor R You’ll be hard pressed to find another motherboard from any manufacturers offering this much stuff for so little.