Posted 12 September – Have an R7 and like it but the “green is greener” concept comes to mind. Before sending me a message for help, please look at the website support section: Posted 13 September – Available in a Steel Blue or Midnight Black.

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Others still swear by them, including my favorite in the Seattle area, and I think you have to look at the whole picture.

Testers rated how forgiving the driver was on off center hits. And if that failure is the result sometimes clear and sometimes not of normal use.

KZG Gemini Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 46 reviews –

Geimni was not charged anything except the cost to ship the clubs to them. Posted 28 July – Have heard it is a very forgiving head with low spin. The KZG driver head has not even been out for two years so, while it may be gemiini stretch, the driver I have should still be under warranty. KZG protects their vendors not end users. However, it severely limits my trust in their equipment should I purchase a barely used product and become the 2nd owner.

It’s to bad too because I really liked the driver and thought KZG had something going with the double wall face.

Like WBL and others, I derive joy in tinkering with golf equipment. I’ve been looking for a new driver lately but haven’t been able to justify replacing this one. Occassional exceptions, depending on circumstances, are made by some. I like the slight closed face of Ping 0.

I can understand if there was dent or some other sign of abuse that they wouldn’t kzy behind their product.

As I recall, the contract with KZG prevents any authorized dealer from selling online. I still have the head if anyone wants to try it. I know I might have to eat this one and that will be a learning process for me.

KZG Gemini 460

No, create an account now. Thanks to everyone who provided opinons on my chances of getting a replacement KZG Gemini head from their company even though I did not purchase from an authorized seller. Great business model gemlni guys. If you purchased a club, then it second hand in ownership, or use.

One word of caution…it DOES make a unique sound at impact which may cause concern at firest, but it grows on ya!

I started this post to see what other options on replacement might be out there. KzG also uphold this policy “. As for dealing directly with company’s on golf equipment, I have dealt directly with TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping without going through a middleman or dealer.

Life dinnae come wit gimmies so yuv got nae chance o’ gitt’n any from me. KZG no longer manufacturs them, but there has to be some inventory floating around out there. Now, again I say policy is policy – but it is clearly wrong used, authorized – whatever.

This club is one of the best I’ve ever used. I had mine first It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others. Unfortunately I don’t gemink an 4600 to do a side-by-side just yet. Other than that, i was very happy. Have heard it launches low for its degree loft. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to get a replacement head of a product that I liked and is under warrenty, but has obvious manufacture flaws.