One person found this helpful. I tend to be a bit clumsy, so I have dropped it quite a bit, but it kept working and working. The laser is non-visible as well, a nice touch. The mouse uses 2. Laser Tracking Laser tracking technology gives you the ultimate in control when using your mouse. It works from at least 10 ft. Write a review ervsxfdzsbxydxqrqcqbt.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The scrollwheel is very accurate and the buttons are responsive. I mean when you put it on a flat surface, there is a slight wobble because all edges are not in contact. We didn’t detect any reviews that used language indicating they were incentivized.

Kensington Si750 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse

Portable Size The mouse is designed for use with laptop computers. I read some good reviews for this mouse. It comes with rubber grips that are ok and a battery life indicator. It works from at least 10 ft. We didn’t find any review word count groups that had a statistically significant greater concentration than what we’d expect to see in kensingtno category.

A dedicated team of staff are ready should you need to contact them for any reason at all. Mac Gal Easy Grader avg. Dear Adblock Users – We get it. And now I can’t lose it. This is within an acceptable range and it does not appear to be significantly affecting the overall rating for this product.

My last one was too thick. Featuring sculpted grips for enhanced comfort and the accuracy of a laser interface, this mouse is a great wireless option for your computer. The slot for the receiver and the battery are easy to reach-simply gently squeeze the back portion of the mouse and it opens.

Customer service is our main focus and this is apparent in how loyal our customers are. The best notebook mouse I’ve found. However, I gave it away Plug the receiver in and it works. This one solves that with a very thin receiver.

Kensington Sim Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse – EU –

Read more about the Deleted Reviews test here. We use adblock too However, servers and staff are expensive! I bought my parents one, and they have bigger hands and the size works for them as well. Plus it relied on proper fit of the lid to make electrical contact with the battery.

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When you turn on the mouse, there is a light that indicates battery life based on the color and frequency of blinking. Please enter a question.

It could be action from the platform, personal decision by the review author, part of an entire account closure, even some data error on our part, etc. Jeff Easy Grader avg. The laser is non-visible as well, a nice touch. It works great and I recommend this mouse for people who like a miniature mouse for their small Macbooks.

I understand and agree. Bad design and cheap plastic