The new player is no exception. I only need MB size for simple transfer for the time length I use. The drivers will be installed together with the manager. Well, iRiver’s players always worked perfectly with Mp3 files. Unfortunately, it’s possible to handle the player’s memory only via its own manager. The test file was compressed with the Lame 3. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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iRiver iFP-380T Silver/Blue (128MB) Digital Media Player

Well worth the price compared to others. Iriver delivers on sound, quality and customer ease through its navigation. I recorded an MP3 file played from the audio card’s line-out, and then transferred that file back to the computer. Kriver was always interested in products of this young but rapidly developing company.

The line consists of three models that differ in accessories and in memory size: The bitrate can be changed from 8Kbps to Kbps, and the sampling rate from I think that the holster is more suitable than a neck strap just because it looks more advantageous and because ivp wear cell phones on the neck. The player supports all types of MP3 files. First of all we tested MP3 files as they are the most popular.

I tried to record several compositions and even one radio play irivdr although the quality much depends on reception, it is generally good enough.

Players of this class are often called city models. Now, thanks to the collaboration with Inno, iRiver’s solutions tend to look more and more elegant. Apple iPod Classic gb 7th Gen Black From a standpoint of an average user you can easily convert your old analog records into the digital format. Dictaphone Record quality of the dictaphone suffices for unprofessional use since the mic’s sensitivity is not very high.

In the menu of settings you can specify that the player indicate the time remained more precisely.

A mic is located closer to the stern. Unlike some other devices of this kind, this model keeps on playing while you are searching a composition you need. I idiver to install the drivers without the manager under the W2K, but the system couldn’t recognize the device. The battery compartment cover snaps shut reliably. The navigation system is inherited from the iFP player.

The rostrum houses a 4-way mini joystick for navigating the menu and player’s contents and for adjusting the volume level i.

I like to record from the internet, and I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab to make a mp3 for my collection. Its menu of settings has a tree structure which starts ramifying from the main menu.

What Hi-Fi?

Beside transferring files you can format its memory, control the list of FM stations, encode files of iiver dictaphone and update the firmware version. And when you will update iFP-player, you will use your iFP without any drivers.

My lithium battery is slowly going, so I needed another to replace. Its engineers are able to make an MP3 player out of nothing and they are not afraid of experiments, that is irivver the company can make really interesting products. The upper deck of this craft has a 4-line LCD in the center with blue backlight.

iRiver iFPT Silver/Blue (MB) Digital Media Player | eBay

The hold contains fuel – an AA battery. But I had to wait since it took take time to bring the projects into ifpp, and the undertaking not to disclose the data imposed certain obligations. In our lab we tested the iFPT model.

However, I don’t care much about WMA files. When player switches to the record mode you will hear a signal coming to the Line-In so that you can control the recording and the signal level. Such range is more than enough. The list of files looks like a tree of directories by analogy with the computer file system.