Wireless email functionality requires an email account with wireless server capabilities. Combined with transflective sunlight-readable display technology, the very high resolution makes for excellent viewing quality of graphic-intensive files and detailed maps, even in bright daylight or snowy conditions. Millions used it on Palm Pilots. Wired connectivity includes serial and USB 2. The new V Fully Rugged Notebook.

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Of most interest to prospective customers is the new model’s IP67 ingress protection rating. It’s getac ps236 attractive design with a handy getac ps236 for rapid data entry, geac will compete directly with the ultra-rugged PDA offerings from the likes of Trimble, TDS and Juniper Systems. That is very accurate and enough for most mapping and GPS applications.


Block Recognizerwhich uses the special Graffiti alphabet Getac ps236 invented in the s. Any of those input methods, once mastered, getac ps236 very well. Post processing can result in even better accuracy, down to the sub-meter range. Touch works as well, but the Windows Mobile interface is clearly designed for a stylus. NET and CE variants can and often do include multimedia, PIM applications and communications tools, they don’t have the polished Today screen and all the Pocket PC getac ps236 and Pocket versions of popular Windows applications users have become familiar with.

The e-Compass can be set so that either the needle or the wheel rotates, and altitude can be set to GPS or the built-in altimeter. Our customers work in some of the most extreme environments and need getac ps236 communications tool that can handle severe climate changes and perform flawlessly. A small phone-style microphone is below the keypad.

By extending the battery life and increasing the getac ps236 capacity in the PS, our customers can spend more time in getac ps236 field and increase overall productivity anywhere in the world.

Complementing the Getac PSF handheld introduced in March ofthe new model represents a top-of-the-line handheld GIS surveying and mapping device that provides extra performance and ruggedness for the most demanding field applications. That translates into dpi dots per inchconsiderably sharper even than the Apple iPhone’s dpi display. In autonomous mode, accuracy is within five meters. On the display side, it has a 3. The built-in camera enables instant getac ps236 data capture on-site.

The differentiation can be a bit confusing. As for its intended use and application, Getac president Jim Rimay said, ” The Getac PS offers users getac ps236, reliable, and consistently accurate real-time communications solutions getac ps236 are critical to anyone working in the field.

Since Windows Mobile devices are instant-on, it’s generally good practice to have the device quickly go to sleep when it is not used. Letter Recognizerwhich also recognizes individual letters instead of whole words, but uses the standard alphabet instead of the slightly modified one of the Block Recognizer.

getav It comes with integrated Bluetooth V2. It has a 3-megapixel autofocus camera, a GPS receiver, an electronic compass, and an altimeter. Backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and device shutoff can all be used to optimize battery life. Above getac ps236 display are three indicator lights and a small phone-style speaker. They show the functionality likely included in the getac ps236 PS Measuring a mere 7.

Atex Zone 2 PDA Getac PS EX

The idea here is that almost all getac ps236 are gftac or consisting of a single uniterrupted stroke, which makes them easy to recognize for the computer. Compared to earlier versions of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.

Add to that a super-sharp 3. However, this handheld offers far more than just standard PDA functionality. Combined with transflective sunlight-readable display technology, the very high resolution makes for excellent viewing quality of graphic-intensive files and detailed maps, even in bright daylight or snowy conditions.

Microsoft bought getca rights to it a getac ps236 of years ago and it’s been part of Windows Mobile ever since. For a device like the Getac PS, pz236 decision between Windows CE and Windows Mobile was getac ps236 a toss-up, with Getac deciding that the target customers for this device would prefer the friendlier Windows Mobile platform with its wealth of getac ps236 purpose apps as opposed to the sparser Windows CE platform where customers generally create their getac ps236 applications.

Capable of running at clock speeds up to MHz, the PXA provides excellent speed, hardware video acceleration, DRM security getac ps236 combines them with low-power modes ad the ability to dynamically adjust voltage and frequency for optimal battery life.