Go back to the Ping Eyes for the irons…I still have my set and so often think of going back to them. I see all these reviews that the i15 are for more advanced players and so it makes me nervous that i wont be able to hit the ball as well. KEW 9 years ago. With the pic i saw being I15 maybe that means there is a G15 also. Make sure to get fitted to the correct loft color. Why is Obama following Trump around still and playing on his golf course? Have yet to find anyone who can’t hit it straight!

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Posted 07 September – I15 is excellent, and I will say now my set of I5s lasted 8 weeks before I swapped them. I gotta say the hybrid is the most unique piece of their new equipments so far. One thing about betqeen swing, flatten it out at the top and make sure your left wrist, or right wrist if you are a lefty is not cupped at the top of the back swing.

I love the SuperFast. My driver big Bertha reg. You can still get the square groove this year and play them untill for just regular play. All times are GMT The thiefs stand to make more then a few years salary from taking a mold. Bossboy 9 years ago. Originally Posted by Young Money. Their headlining G15 and i15 Series drivers and irons incorporate attributes for two distinct types of players.

Now if youll excuse me im off to play 18, the only thing that made work bearable today. I just had the opportunity to demo a number of drivers the other day at my local golfsmith.

A slightly elongated head offers some forgiveness, while the internal weighting gives players the lower ball flight that they crave.

PING Rolls Out Complete New G15 and i15 Lines (Bag Drop, Hot Topics) – The Sand Trap

Sorry JB, but I own the trademark “hook machine” and you are in violation of copyright laws by using said term. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. It was 2,3,4,5 cavity and blades You said the Gs felt good across the board. What format does the fitting take?

Dfference club sits behind the ball very well and is visually confidence building — the half crescent alignment system has been slightly modified in the G15 to look slightly more modern and fit in with then new red colour scheme — giving a solid look to address. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sean 10 years ago. I think they are due for and i15 line. This design provides improved launch angles and reduces spin on the ball, leading to a higher, flatter trajectory with more carry.

The cc head is designed for maximum forgiveness and distance.

Ping I15 v G15

I really am just looking for a club that I know I can get in the fairway if I don’t want to hit driver. This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever seen from someone who says they are a golfer.

Which means that the heads are manufactured there also. Distance loss on miss hits? I am a fan of the progressive iron set myself, I had an old set of Nike Pro Combo that originally started the trend and can say that I like it, but the thing I wasn’t crazy about was the substantial difference in the look and feel of the longer irons compared to the shorter “blade” irons. Cool, thanks for all the input. Was the i15 a lot more difficult to hit? The only advantage is the high fade for the approach for stopping the 1i5 faster for a shallow green.

The G15 is a game improvement club while the I15 is the better player’s club. I absolutely love my G10 hybrids, so no new purchases for me.