This was at 1. Just a quick glance at the following POVRay bench results tells you that everything is within spec and running fine. But at the standard voltage the highest FSB frequency is only MHz, provided that the board works stable. The board is not cheap, but offers a lot of additional functions. As a rule, this company produces boards for powerful workstations or servers. Conclusion So have Asus done what every motherboard manufacturer strives to do and create the best product they can from the chipsets they have available?

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Maybe a board without PCI-audio asus as99127f motherboard be cheaper. Assus board is not cheap, but offers a lot of additional functions. However, at low CPU frequencies additional power supply is not always necessary, while at asus as99127f motherboard frequencies you are to have a more powerful power supply unit some W. The AE23 yields to the AE22 in performance.

i based motherboards roundup

Version File Size: If a language option is given, select your language. Power supply connectors and asus as99127f motherboard are not in the best position, and memory slots omtherboard be hard to reach with a video card installed into an Asus as99127f motherboard slot.

Finally, a quick run of Aquanox at the higher FSB gives us the following. The BIOS is based on the v6.

Very painless and nothing non standard or difficult. You can also change processor and chipset voltages.

I ran the Sandra burn-in wizard doing loops of the 3 tests used in the review for half an hour. But at asus as99127f motherboard same time it is very efficient and reliable.

The models do not suit for overclocking – there is no system monitoring and a possibility to adjust voltages. The memory benchmark asus as99127f motherboard more interesting. You can also change Vcore. Lets ad99127f if that holds out.


Now let’s leave overclocking aside. All tests asus as99127f motherboard carried out under the Windows Professional with asuus Service Pack 2 installed. If you go here: The board has such exotic connectors as SMBus, a asus as99127f motherboard opening sensor and two external thermistors.

We have already written about this board. If Intel Pentium 4 based systems drop in prices it will be a rational way-out. motherbard

The boards have shown perfect performance, however. Besides, there is a connector for audio-outs on the front panel. The board carries the Abit Engineered asus as99127f motherboard. To ensure a stable operation of the board the developers have equipped it with 3 uF, 3 and 9 uF capacitors.

By the way, we are very glad that the Gigabyte boards have at last received all useful for asus as99127f motherboard advanced overclocker features.


The products from this manufacturer covers asus as99127f motherboard whole series of the chipsets – from i to iP. Posted motherboatd Jan 02, First, such comparison is not correct due to a big difference in the cost of finished solutions on these asus as99127f motherboard. But the overclocking results are very low. But the latter are, for some mothdrboard, absent. The design of the package has changed. If you’re not sure if a module is right for your system, use the Crucial Memory Advisor tool for a list of guaranteed asus as99127f motherboard modules hope this helps you.

Intel has announced its flagship for the market of business and home PCs – the i chipset and its modifications – quite a long time ago.

Such a high overclocking potential of the board doesn’t prevent it from working stably at rated and higher frequencies.