Personally, I abhor smaller mice and this fits into that category. However, if you’re looking for a semi-lightweight laptop with plenty of power, this is a great choice; just don’t rely on the battery to get you through a working day. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Third, the clarity and brightness of the screen are superb and the glare-type screen versus matte is not as distracting as I had feared it would be. However, I could not have been more surprised with the quality of the A8Js — the quality of the plastic that is used is phenomenal. I also installed Warcraft III and there were no problems with that either.

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Asus A8Js back view and lid view large image. We only wish the Fn key and the Ctrl key locations were reversed, asus a8j we are accustomed to having asus a8j Ctrl key in the bottom-left corner of our keyboards.

For Plenty of power.

There are no screen ripples when you push from behind the screen or from the side. Asus has found the niche between thin and asus a8j and desktop replacement and I applaud the A8Js for fitting my needs so perfectly.

Luckily, where hard drive performance in the past has often been abysmal on laptops, the latest models typically offer acceptable performance – not as fast as desktop hard drives still, but adequate for the majority of users. In my opinion, asus a8j benefits to cost ratio is very high for this asus a8j. Since the A8Js has so much power in such a small package, I worried that a tradeoff for all that power would be large amounts of noise and heat making using it on asus a8j lap a risky affair.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. I have the 2GHz Core 2 Duo and it is asus a8j fast. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

The silver-and-black chassis weighs 5. Specifically, when I had a video chat session going with my asus a8j and a browser running at the same time the computer would slow to a crawl and asus a8j beg to be put out of its misery.

Asus A8Js – External Reviews

You can change your settings at any time. The Asus A Series is aimed at mobile users looking for an all-in-one solution asus a8j doesn’t compromise on power.

Please share our article, every link counts! Compared to other laptops, asus a8j bloated pre-loaded Asus software made it asus a8j to tweak the system to my liking. However, I could not have been more surprised with the quality of the A8Js — the quality a8i the plastic that asus a8j used is phenomenal.

The A8Js comes with Windows XP Professional and Asus is a part of the Vista Express Upgrade program so aj8 you buy it during the promotional period, you should have a free or at least subsidized upgrade to the new Windows Vista.

Their Group Buy program a8u sweetened the deal in an altogether very enjoyable buying experience. Everything is snappy and responsive with this laptop, especially in asus a8j area of gaming.

The touchpad feels almost identical to the rest asus a8j the laptop. Build quality proved acceptable, with a solid feel. Finally, the last button launches some sort of Asus media center.

Now heat and noise, or lack thereof, are asuss important to me. The keyboard has no flex and the buttons on the laptop all seem to make sense in terms of placement.

Asus A8Js right side view view large image. For most people who already have a wireless router, this asus a8j be a novelty item because of its size but not necessarily something that will asus a8j particularly useful.

Notebook Trio: ASUS A8JS and G2P and ABS Mayhem Z5

It should also be noted that not once during all of our testing have we encountered any problems with this laptop – no crashes, lockups, or any other asus a8j behavior. I think the benefit derived from this purchase would have outweighed the cost even if I had paid asus a8j price.

Against Disappointing battery life Cramped keyboard. This level of power easily meets the needs of most users, which is well above what we’d expect for this processor. Asus A8Js left side view view large image. Initially I was worried because it appeared as though I had not asus a8j the US power adapter but it was in the package and asus a8j was simply a matter of snapping on the US power adapter, attaching the antenna, and plugging in the router.

I tried gaming for a while but all I got out of the A8Js asus a8j a low whir — definitely nothing that would turn heads in a fairly quiet lecture hall.